The FERMA Group, LLC

Cost Management

The risks and competition with today’s construction market are high and margins are low. Therefore, knowing how your budget dollars are spent is critical. Miss a single opportunity to contain costs, and the bottom line suffers.

Cost management is much more than cost accounting. It requires knowledge of scope, budgets, contracts and their integration with cost accounting and forecasting techniques to predict budget performance. It is much more than spreadsheets and accounting reports. Real time cost management assesses the risk of each outstanding issue and their potential impact to the budget.

Project teams often predict budget performance based on perceptions that “things are going well” reports. However, issues that accumulate but do not surface to the management level until the end of projects can have a disruptive effect. When this happens, little can be done to mitigate costs and the options become limited.

Our techniques for cost management are specifically designed to be flexible yet comprehensive. We work with clients to complement and enhance their existing systems as required to meet the needs of the project and management teams. Our bottom line is to secure your bottom line.

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