The FERMA Group, LLC

Dispute Resolution & Claims

Disputes and claims can sour the relationship between project participants. When disputes are not settled during the course of the project, companies not only face risk of financial exposure and poor performance, but also the risk of costly litigation.

Disputes regarding the interpretation of contract documents will continue to plague projects. The challenge is how to navigate through these differences of opinion and to mitigate their financial impacts. We recommend actively managing the design as well as the construction efforts.

Our approach is designed to eliminate surprises that often plague troubled projects. Keeping track of details, evaluating risks and ensuring that parties are informed of critical details are key elements for project success.

Our overriding principle emphasizes the prevention and avoidance of claims. We encourage and promote teamwork, open communications, integrity, and commitment to project goals by all team members. Yet, the most carefully planned project can encounter disputes and claims. If a claim does occur, being prepared and how the claim is handled often determine the difference between success and failure. Our proactive approach towards dispute and claim resolution provides the objective analysis of the issues in order to formulate a strategy for success.

The best offense is often the best defense. Therefore, thorough project documentation provides the best protection against unjust and frivolous claims, and provides the basis for challenging claims. When combined with an objective analysis of the issues and recommended courses of action, companies can assess the true measure of their financial exposure.

When companies are proactive and prepared, claims can often be settled without litigation. Let us show you how we work to mitigate and resolve claims. Should litigation arise, we work with counsel to provide objective claim analysis, technical support, and expert reports and testimony.

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