The FERMA Group, LLC

Scope Management

Scope definition is a complex task. Not only do Owners require a full understanding of the operational and financial needs for a project, and of the technical and business issues associated with design and construction, but they must ensure that Design Professionals and Contractors appropriately interpret the Owner’s needs.

For companies without an experienced, internal project organization, project documents often lack the necessary details to fully define the scope. Without a well defined scope, changes are inevitable during a construction. Yet many construction contracts are awarded with incomplete documents or without a clearly defined scope. Missing a single opportunity to properly evaluate changes can be the difference between success and failure.

Conversely, a well defined scope helps the team to identify changes as they occur, and to assess their impact on the project.

We developed unique and tested techniques to help your team manage scope, contracts and the change order process. Our approach provides your team with real time project information so that the best decisions can be made without delay. FERMA helps your team identify opportunities to prevent surprises, to quickly resolve disputes, and to avoid playing catch-up to resolve open issues.

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