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Time Management

Too many projects begin with just start and end dates, and without a well defined plan.

The euphoria of starting a new project, and the need to resolve near term issues consumes the project team. Time is spent taking care of near term tasks that seem beneficial, but long range planning takes a back seat to these fire drills of the day. Yet without a comprehensive plan, managing disruptions, evaluating impacts, and implementing recovery strategies to deal with new issues becomes extremely difficult. When a project reaches this stage, the original schedule is typically no longer achievable and relations suffer.

While critical path method (CPM) schedules may be required for managing the work, they are seldom prepared on time, integrated or current. By the time a schedule is issued and approved, the progress rarely matches the approved schedule. The reasons are varied, but often companies do not have the internal technical staff to perform these tasks.

Successful development and implementation of CPM schedules requires the intersection of art and science. The science of CPM involves mathematics, logistics and terminology. The art requires an understanding of how various elements of a project fit together, how each task relates to another, and how to successfully use the schedule to manage the project. Many companies do not fully understand the critical role that CPM schedules play in the management of project tasks and the resolution of disputes.

FERMA helps clients to completely define all required work and to develop a plan recognized by each project participant. When disruptions occur, we are prepared to instantly assist you in developing back-up strategies and evaluate cost impacts.

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